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As a dog lover and full time mother with a 50 hr work week, it wasn't always possible to walk / play and give my dogs the attention they deserved and needed. After a long day doing all of the above and the extra after school activities, shopping, cooking, cleaning, it can be tough to devote time to your canine buddy. Despite our busy schedules, our best pals still love us unconditionally, this is where I can now help. Having been through all of the above, and having seen how, my dogs enjoyed their experience with doggy daycare over the years, I am now able to bring that same joy to local pets and give their owners back their sanity.

We will  provide your friends with days of fun filled structured play, and positive interaction with like minded friends. Woof and Tumble is a place where your friend gets excited at the thought of a woof day.

Our facility is built with your friends safety and energy levels as a top priority. We have 6' high chain link fencing totally enclosed. Each suite is 4' x 8' with their own raised bed for the larger dogs or multiple family dogs we have our larger 8' x 8' suites and can now accept guests over 20lb in our 4 x 4 suites.

We have over 17,000 sq feet of outdoor mulched play area, and a half acre of sloped meadow for "Run 'n Fun", sunken and raised pools to swim in during the warmer weather and places to relax and just watch the fun.

We incorporate quiet time so your friend can have a quick power nap and a treat, watch a movie or listen to some calming music before starting over again. Rest assured that we will provide the utmost care and attention you would want for your pet, all in a totally controlled and supervised environment. 

For those of you that have a pet with separation anxiety, he'll have so much to do you'll be back before he notices. Most dogs that attend a daycare facility will come home happy and tired. All this leading to happy pups and happy owners.

We ask that attendees be up to date on all vaccinations to include rabies and bordetella and Flea/ tick meds

Due to insurance reasons we do not accommodate Pit bulls or Pit bull mixes.

Please feel free to call to arrange a preliminary visit to see if Woof and Tumble is the right fit for you and your best friend.

We are open from 7.00- 6.00pm Monday-Friday with overnight boarding if required.

Saturday - Sunday Full Board only.

Our priority is to ensure that you as owners are totally comfortable before you leave your companion for your vacation so that he may enjoy his.  



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