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Our Mom aka Auntie Janet.

Posted by Janet @ woofandtumble on January 4, 2013 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (2)

OK, So mom is  sending out a this big apology to all our new guests at Woof and Tumble.....She said been so behind the eight ball with pics and posts that, she's trying to get back on track and show there parents what we're all getting up to when there on  vacations.

So please look out for pic's of your little one's on our guest page and album pages and if you dont see your child please let me know  (Jakey)so I can go bark at mom and fix it, coz we all want our pictures on here especially me coz Im cute,However I do need a quick meeting with mom, cos I saw Hunter the whippet in here, and he has like 6 coats......And I only have one.......




Posted by Janet @ woofandtumble on May 26, 2012 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Mom........MOM....yes boys, "Were being taken over by small breed dogs.." and there yappy, is it because they don't know how to bark, And are they supposed to get caught between our toes" like Bears doing.....

Oh god, Bear, you doing something again, No there not to get caught in your feet, you need to move quicker thats all. And jake, don't let them climb all over you like that,, your not a jungle gym!!!...No thats not what you do, and you can't knock them with your heads, there not soccer balls...

And where's Boston...."Hiding where, in the caterpillar", Boston why you doing digging a big hole, "Don't show Seamus how to do that...........His mother will kill me" he dosn't dig, what do you mean, He does now.....Seamus get out of there, Your filthy, Im so dead when your mom gets here....no it's not good fun, Go find Ben and William,William's the one with a bonnet on his head, "Why", it stops him playing with his ears there sore.Yes it looks like a plant pot..No it dosen't have plants in it just his head. :roll:  Boston, you make things so complicated.Jakey can you do a head count ...Yes. " Did i just count you ..HMMMmmm, so take one away thats 3, then it's 4.5.6..and ...11,5,

"Jake have you done it", NO "why" cos there twins and I counted then they moved and I counted and they wouldn't keep still and then there were triplets in there, and , and ,,I got lost So we have lots of little dogs, and Bear said he'd round em all up...it was quicker,

So look over to where my mixed dog with no herding experience was darting after dogs at all angles and legs were flying and dogs were howling in laughter, and the one who was really being herded, was the one doing the herding!!!!!.....Mr happy was on his back crying with laughter, another was watching from the waiting table.and poor bear was so tired he was paddling in the pool. and the dog count, well Jake was right LOTS.


popcorn please

Posted by Janet @ woofandtumble on May 23, 2012 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (1)

So I've decided that we either have a total number of (not water dogs) here this week, or it's lazy week at W&T......Your doors are open, the outside door is open and you lot are just watching the rain either from the comfort of your own beds(or other peoples).... Bear what are you doing.....You can't just try other  beds because it looked good.....get off and out.And don't throw your tail like that at me laddo .:|

Sorry Max, yes he was in your room, yes I moved him, No he didn't have a better view of the tv screen. :roll:

Bear now what you doing.......stop waving that butt of yours at molly, Go out and play, come on, If I have to do it so do you :/

So I have a throng of complaining dogs, moaning about it's gonna rain again any minute,and we're gonna get soaked, and it's no good for my coat, and I got washed before I came here and i don't want my coat to get curly etc etc  following me outside to the play area to run and jump, to catch the squirrels and bark at the birds...and enjoy there easy lives, but the sky turns a deep shade of black, quite quickley, and as I turn to throw the first of the tennis balls I see the tailend litrally of the  afore mentioned dogs returning to the comfort of a kennel complete with music and tv and we say there better than kids.The ownly thing this lot can't do is change the channel and the only reason is even i have to stand on a chair to reach the remote,and the reason for that.is..Jacob, can change channels by biting his way through the remote and we ownly have the one left .:(

No you can't have popcorn..... :roll: ...where is the sun...PLEASE.


Posted by Janet @ woofandtumble on May 22, 2012 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Im Molly the sheep dog, perfect in every way, Im one of Auntie Janets Favorites but don't  tell anyone that  Janet says she's not allowed to have favorites, but she has lots and she spoils all of us so much it must cost her a fortune, and if you look upset, or a little low Auntie janet takes us over to the house and we can pretend we live there.until our real parents come and collect us.So im here for daycare this week, dads off doing whatever,we normally go everywhere together I generally drive the truck and supervise and ....."actually Molly the quote was drive him mad in the car...thats what I said drive...No molly you try and drive thats what drives him mad, you like to try and get in the front seat.No it's not the same......Sooooo, anyway im staying here and I have one complaint, "you do, whats that" Well, You  know Auntie Janet I don't complain BUT, you need to have a word with Bear...Why, you too dont even talk, Well... he heard mom telling you that I have a baboon Butt.and it's being fixed but.... it got round like email, it went from room to room, and ,well you try walking past without getting laughed at and Bear just strutts past with his tail in the air waving his BIGGGGG butt around...OK I'll sort it out, Anything else.

.Molly where you going ..molly....Just needed to do a quick lap of the play area and tell you , you need to increase the tennis ball capacity we have a few bald ones over there.............."Bit like your butt hey moll"   'BEAR....come here,  and don't sulk, it's not funny,You don't like being called FAT, What do you mean it's muscle and it's your breed.."Which is what ...Ha, gotcha, Bear you will explode if you don't move faster and more often..Now where YOU going "Im moving and a little faster in the general direction of the door thank you mother....OK Bear the great escape. I'd run if I was you, as Molly is right on your tail. :o

Baby Bear.

Posted by Janet @ woofandtumble on May 17, 2012 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

So Im Baby Bear........So called cos I was the smallest cutest ever.  But then I grew,  but the name stuck. Don't get me wrong Im tuff "its spelt tough...."  Well your typing....

So my story and reason for being here up the mountain I was abandoned in a box, My mom said she was actually going to the store for cheese and she came back with me....I could have had a really cool name like Cheshire or Gorgonzola, not to be.  Dad wasn't sure what I was , I think they still don't know, but they don't care Im very loved, and cuddled.and have everything I want except for a four poster bed I'd love one of those but I don't seem to get one. So I was found july 28th Safeways, and the rest is history as they say, I was taught by the best, and picked up alot on television thats the not so good, but Im cute, I do get timed out alot though so maybe the TV thing isn't so good...I'll think about that....

Im usually found strutting I lovvvvvvve to strut, See I have this fantasic tail that curls up like a husky and Im padded every where with what mom calls Fat, but Im quite imposing and strutting shows it off.   But now Mom has me doing healthy stuff, she says Im not getting enough exercise, Only because she watched me....lets call it playing)   well I kinda ran from one big tree to the next stopped until i got my breath then did it again. So im on this .....Diet.., I go swimming...."bear thats not true, you paddle" ok paddle and my Auntie Martha take me out on walks, we go see the lama's and the pot bellied pig and the goats, I love doing that.I feel so good when I do that, but the food rations don't increase. but im trying hard.and as long as i can have a jerky snack I'll be just fine. :P  I sneaked that in and no one noticed yet hahhah.......


Wednesday by Sidney.

Posted by Janet @ woofandtumble on May 16, 2012 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I can't wait for Wednesday morning, So excited we load up and start the drive up the mountain.............My tail has hit the door Soooooo many times it hurts, but I 'll forget that when we get there.It's W&T day...freedom I sing at the top of my lungs, but mom thinks im getting alittle to excited. "stop barking Sidney" and Sit.

Sit, SIT who can do that, the rest of my week is spent clock watching this is MY day, Im off the clock, no house patrol, no making the bed before they know I've been on there, thats very difficult with teeth and claws you should try it....No today for a whole 9 glorious hours it's Sidney day.     Window watching, can this woman drive any slower, ok so we round the corner and there's the sign, I stand, mom puts the car in the wrong gear, I fall, oh the waiting is killing me.

There's Aunt Janet.quick open the door, (pant,) quick cartwheel. still on backseat of car.Wait for it theres the hand goes slowly to the handle.......open and YESSSSSS, im here it's me Sidney.....ok now im gonna embarrass myself, so many cartwheels , panting and howling I need the potty......(dont look)

I fast trot through the door everybodies there, JJ /Scout Max even Mr Happy, Wonder what that long sausage thing is seems to have his own room....Ohhhh never seen one of thoughs before a Bassett. and it howls ..Apprently it's Bogart.seems to have been coming for years here . Bear does his regular woof stay away kid, so I saunter up and woof back Then he throws his nose in the air and goes back on his bed.  OK meeting over , can i please go out................Doors open the sun shines and I walk out to the play area, heaven closely followed by the rest of us labs, Auntie Janet says we have more energy than the national grid, and it needs to be put to some good use and boy so we do that..Balls chase swimimng and hunting, Yep I love my day here.... and I never sleep I power nap in the sun then start up again, im just recharging.Auntie janet says Im like the duracell rabbit....(I thought that was a meal.).:/ ... but it's a special rabbit that goes forever.wow.   There's a car coming up the drive way, everybody stops to see if it's there ride.Oh no it's my ride .but I cant go now im busy, I hide under the big tree, But Dad see's me Come on Sid. Auntie Janet looks and comes over, She bends down to me kisses my forehead and tells me I can come back next week.

I get in the car and I hear Dad say, Her Mom says she's a little pain in the car but she's always an angel when im driving.I look at Auntie Janet and I close my eyes......quick power nap before house patrol me thinks. 8)




JJ and Scout.

Posted by Janet @ woofandtumble on May 15, 2012 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Ok boys stop pushing, who's going first. JJ (Jacob) Me,me,me,me........My name's Jacob, my mom calls me Jj and auntie Janet calls me Pork chop. I have lots of new names, depending on what Im doing at the time. haha.But Im a very good boy really I've been coming here for that long, I think mom's got shares in the place, it's my other home, and occasionally I allow my best friend Scout to come with me.Auntie Janet calls him, baby sprout., he's much taller than me, but janet said Im the clever one....I can run circles round the guy, My favorite thing to do here is Dig.....I used to eat rocks, but only babies do that, and im big now so those big worms are more fun.....excuse me not worms there called snacks......(no jacob) snakes......but they wiggle so fast.

Auntie janet runs away when she see's them, I love to run and sleep.and eat but mom likes to watch what I eat. Auntie janet says if I were a human boy, I'd have my hand in that cookie jar all the time, then she really would call me pork chops :P . We also get called the brownies we are glued at the hip, that is until scout goes in the water.......(" jj if you talk about scouty, he'll have nothing to say") oh sorry.So I have so many best friends up here Baby bear, is a good pal of mine and he said you have to be cool to hang with the Bear....He woofs and curls his mouth at silly things but he is as his name suggests a baby Bear he's a chunky one too, Then I have lilly, janet calls her, the mexican jumping bean, she bounces like she's on a little spring, and she's super quick not bad for a girl, can even give scout a run too, Jake he's like King of the Bark Park. He struts around but likes to keep things in order . well he says that but when someone new comes he bounces worse than the rest of us...

Now if you ask me the lady of W&T, comes occassionally that is Vee...known here as Lady Vee, She's so prim and proper tells everybody she's got family living in some big posh house in another country and they all wear shiny things on there heads

But i don't belive her, cos if you have sticky up ears like corkies do ("JJ it's Corgi) oh, well let me tell you it's hard to keep things on your head. without having a band under your chin to hold it on which i can prove  because on my birthday Bear had a thing on his head....(and I'll say this quietly incase in hears) but when he moved it just fell off and he couldn't keep still he had it on his head until the flash on the camera thing went off then he ran with it)   "where did he put it "... nobody ever found out, but he said he wasn't doing it again

OK Jacob, let Scout have a go....yes now.. 

Im Scout. Im brown, Im a chocolate ........JJ stop laughing, he hadn't finished..Im a chocolate Lab, I live with my Dad who's a fireman and does important stuff, like Auntie Irene Jj's mom. and Im very Happy.........................."Anything else Scout"  No Im thinking........" can we give somone else a try whilst you think"   ok we'll get back to you later.....Oh I thought of some thing

OK..,I like to play with Sidney, she's super cool, She  loves the water like me, loves to play fetch, like me, loves to play chase like me......."Scout you have the entire line of your cool friends looking at you with there mouths open' and JJ stop laughing again Yes we know Scout you like Sidney. :D

Emma Lou

Posted by Janet @ woofandtumble on May 15, 2012 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Guys....I just needed to get on here quick... sorry didn't mean to push  but I heard this was going on so I sent my blog via the email.

Well, it's been a day since I left W & T and so far Mom has not made me any boiled chicken or liver. Just dog food - ugh! The exercising around here is deplorable - we just go around a few blocks and they are complaining of sore legs and are not the least bit interested in hunting snakes or bunnines. We have not even seen a mole since we left W & T!!!!!! I keep dreaming of the day when I can return to W & T and shed my collar and indoor dog ways!

I just want you to know that I appreciate all of your efforts on my behalf - you definitely brought out my inner dog!!!! So, I am trying to figure out a way to hop the bus from Camas and make it down to Washougal - can you pick me up at the bus stop? I'll fill you in on the details later when the folks aren't around! Thanks guys.And before i forget did any of you boys find that tennis ball i buried..haha. :lol:

Wait ..........

Posted by Janet @ woofandtumble on May 15, 2012 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

 So excuse the interuption human here, for all thoughs of you sitting reading this from the comfort of your office/house etc.I would just like you to imagine

An endless stream of dogs either waiting patiently, sleeping or deciding to plant  flowers ,whilst they wait to get to the keyboard.Never have I seen the throng of tails that im seeing now by allowing them to put they best paw forward and write on this Dog blog Im not sure if it's a good thing or not but they wanted to .....So here goes,:)


It's all about me......Jake.

Posted by Janet @ woofandtumble on May 15, 2012 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Good Grief,I must just say, I didn't think anyone of us would get to sit on this stool, Boston love him to pieces bro, but whooooo, such a windbag, goes for ages.

So Im Jake , the yellow lab up here on the mountain Im 4 yrs old, wiser beyond my age good looking beautiful long tail, hip quite the trend setter really and ......sorry humans I've just been told Im waffling and to get on with it there's a line forming through the door to get on with it ).Hmmmm , where was I.  Janet uses me to meet and greet the new guests we have here, she says Im mellow and perfect with the others I can be a handful, but I do like to keep you on your toes,The jobs easy, payments not to bad, and I board free and there's an endless supply of food. What could be better. :P

Ok guys Im finished who's next...