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Posted by Janet @ woofandtumble on May 26, 2012 at 6:05 PM

Mom........MOM....yes boys, "Were being taken over by small breed dogs.." and there yappy, is it because they don't know how to bark, And are they supposed to get caught between our toes" like Bears doing.....

Oh god, Bear, you doing something again, No there not to get caught in your feet, you need to move quicker thats all. And jake, don't let them climb all over you like that,, your not a jungle gym!!!...No thats not what you do, and you can't knock them with your heads, there not soccer balls...

And where's Boston...."Hiding where, in the caterpillar", Boston why you doing digging a big hole, "Don't show Seamus how to do that...........His mother will kill me" he dosn't dig, what do you mean, He does now.....Seamus get out of there, Your filthy, Im so dead when your mom gets here....no it's not good fun, Go find Ben and William,William's the one with a bonnet on his head, "Why", it stops him playing with his ears there sore.Yes it looks like a plant pot..No it dosen't have plants in it just his head. :roll:  Boston, you make things so complicated.Jakey can you do a head count ...Yes. " Did i just count you ..HMMMmmm, so take one away thats 3, then it's 4.5.6..and ...11,5,

"Jake have you done it", NO "why" cos there twins and I counted then they moved and I counted and they wouldn't keep still and then there were triplets in there, and , and ,,I got lost So we have lots of little dogs, and Bear said he'd round em all up...it was quicker,

So look over to where my mixed dog with no herding experience was darting after dogs at all angles and legs were flying and dogs were howling in laughter, and the one who was really being herded, was the one doing the herding!!!!!.....Mr happy was on his back crying with laughter, another was watching from the waiting table.and poor bear was so tired he was paddling in the pool. and the dog count, well Jake was right LOTS.


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