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JJ and Scout.

Posted by Janet @ woofandtumble on May 15, 2012 at 8:40 PM

Ok boys stop pushing, who's going first. JJ (Jacob) Me,me,me,me........My name's Jacob, my mom calls me Jj and auntie Janet calls me Pork chop. I have lots of new names, depending on what Im doing at the time. haha.But Im a very good boy really I've been coming here for that long, I think mom's got shares in the place, it's my other home, and occasionally I allow my best friend Scout to come with me.Auntie Janet calls him, baby sprout., he's much taller than me, but janet said Im the clever one....I can run circles round the guy, My favorite thing to do here is Dig.....I used to eat rocks, but only babies do that, and im big now so those big worms are more fun.....excuse me not worms there called snacks......(no jacob) snakes......but they wiggle so fast.

Auntie janet runs away when she see's them, I love to run and sleep.and eat but mom likes to watch what I eat. Auntie janet says if I were a human boy, I'd have my hand in that cookie jar all the time, then she really would call me pork chops :P . We also get called the brownies we are glued at the hip, that is until scout goes in the water.......(" jj if you talk about scouty, he'll have nothing to say") oh sorry.So I have so many best friends up here Baby bear, is a good pal of mine and he said you have to be cool to hang with the Bear....He woofs and curls his mouth at silly things but he is as his name suggests a baby Bear he's a chunky one too, Then I have lilly, janet calls her, the mexican jumping bean, she bounces like she's on a little spring, and she's super quick not bad for a girl, can even give scout a run too, Jake he's like King of the Bark Park. He struts around but likes to keep things in order . well he says that but when someone new comes he bounces worse than the rest of us...

Now if you ask me the lady of W&T, comes occassionally that is Vee...known here as Lady Vee, She's so prim and proper tells everybody she's got family living in some big posh house in another country and they all wear shiny things on there heads

But i don't belive her, cos if you have sticky up ears like corkies do ("JJ it's Corgi) oh, well let me tell you it's hard to keep things on your head. without having a band under your chin to hold it on which i can prove  because on my birthday Bear had a thing on his head....(and I'll say this quietly incase in hears) but when he moved it just fell off and he couldn't keep still he had it on his head until the flash on the camera thing went off then he ran with it)   "where did he put it "... nobody ever found out, but he said he wasn't doing it again

OK Jacob, let Scout have a go....yes now.. 

Im Scout. Im brown, Im a chocolate ........JJ stop laughing, he hadn't finished..Im a chocolate Lab, I live with my Dad who's a fireman and does important stuff, like Auntie Irene Jj's mom. and Im very Happy.........................."Anything else Scout"  No Im thinking........" can we give somone else a try whilst you think"   ok we'll get back to you later.....Oh I thought of some thing

OK..,I like to play with Sidney, she's super cool, She  loves the water like me, loves to play fetch, like me, loves to play chase like me......."Scout you have the entire line of your cool friends looking at you with there mouths open' and JJ stop laughing again Yes we know Scout you like Sidney. :D

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