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Wednesday by Sidney.

Posted by Janet @ woofandtumble on May 16, 2012 at 11:35 AM

I can't wait for Wednesday morning, So excited we load up and start the drive up the mountain.............My tail has hit the door Soooooo many times it hurts, but I 'll forget that when we get there.It's W&T day...freedom I sing at the top of my lungs, but mom thinks im getting alittle to excited. "stop barking Sidney" and Sit.

Sit, SIT who can do that, the rest of my week is spent clock watching this is MY day, Im off the clock, no house patrol, no making the bed before they know I've been on there, thats very difficult with teeth and claws you should try it....No today for a whole 9 glorious hours it's Sidney day.     Window watching, can this woman drive any slower, ok so we round the corner and there's the sign, I stand, mom puts the car in the wrong gear, I fall, oh the waiting is killing me.

There's Aunt Janet.quick open the door, (pant,) quick cartwheel. still on backseat of car.Wait for it theres the hand goes slowly to the handle.......open and YESSSSSS, im here it's me Sidney.....ok now im gonna embarrass myself, so many cartwheels , panting and howling I need the potty......(dont look)

I fast trot through the door everybodies there, JJ /Scout Max even Mr Happy, Wonder what that long sausage thing is seems to have his own room....Ohhhh never seen one of thoughs before a Bassett. and it howls ..Apprently it's Bogart.seems to have been coming for years here . Bear does his regular woof stay away kid, so I saunter up and woof back Then he throws his nose in the air and goes back on his bed.  OK meeting over , can i please go out................Doors open the sun shines and I walk out to the play area, heaven closely followed by the rest of us labs, Auntie Janet says we have more energy than the national grid, and it needs to be put to some good use and boy so we do that..Balls chase swimimng and hunting, Yep I love my day here.... and I never sleep I power nap in the sun then start up again, im just recharging.Auntie janet says Im like the duracell rabbit....(I thought that was a meal.).:/ ... but it's a special rabbit that goes forever.wow.   There's a car coming up the drive way, everybody stops to see if it's there ride.Oh no it's my ride .but I cant go now im busy, I hide under the big tree, But Dad see's me Come on Sid. Auntie Janet looks and comes over, She bends down to me kisses my forehead and tells me I can come back next week.

I get in the car and I hear Dad say, Her Mom says she's a little pain in the car but she's always an angel when im driving.I look at Auntie Janet and I close my eyes......quick power nap before house patrol me thinks. 8)




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