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Baby Bear.

Posted by Janet @ woofandtumble on May 17, 2012 at 12:05 AM

So Im Baby Bear........So called cos I was the smallest cutest ever.  But then I grew,  but the name stuck. Don't get me wrong Im tuff "its spelt tough...."  Well your typing....

So my story and reason for being here up the mountain I was abandoned in a box, My mom said she was actually going to the store for cheese and she came back with me....I could have had a really cool name like Cheshire or Gorgonzola, not to be.  Dad wasn't sure what I was , I think they still don't know, but they don't care Im very loved, and cuddled.and have everything I want except for a four poster bed I'd love one of those but I don't seem to get one. So I was found july 28th Safeways, and the rest is history as they say, I was taught by the best, and picked up alot on television thats the not so good, but Im cute, I do get timed out alot though so maybe the TV thing isn't so good...I'll think about that....

Im usually found strutting I lovvvvvvve to strut, See I have this fantasic tail that curls up like a husky and Im padded every where with what mom calls Fat, but Im quite imposing and strutting shows it off.   But now Mom has me doing healthy stuff, she says Im not getting enough exercise, Only because she watched me....lets call it playing)   well I kinda ran from one big tree to the next stopped until i got my breath then did it again. So im on this .....Diet.., I go swimming...."bear thats not true, you paddle" ok paddle and my Auntie Martha take me out on walks, we go see the lama's and the pot bellied pig and the goats, I love doing that.I feel so good when I do that, but the food rations don't increase. but im trying hard.and as long as i can have a jerky snack I'll be just fine. :P  I sneaked that in and no one noticed yet hahhah.......


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