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OK, so we all have one of these, It doesn't matter if you say to the person in the dog park Oh mine would never

do that............... Trust me they do.

So Boston, is embarrassingly my dog..He's a 12 year old, going on 2. Possible that he has some goldfish

swimming around the head for a brain  Or is just Stupid.......

So Boston, decides that the consumption of a GIRAFFE. yes you read that correctly a giraffe .....is far better than


Boston is of course a LAB, and they all eat everything at some point .So I go into the kennel and notice that BO, pooped

He never does this EVER....and he'd been sick...again NEVER, he has the constitution of an elephant, So you

know instantly something just isn't right.

I Clean him up, look for the other signs...(NOTHING). He runs out plays but looks guilty.

So I start to go through things...everything is in place, but wait I noticed a toy squirrel with squeaks missing, it's one of those without stuffing.

Did you eat that squirrel I ask (and at some point) I'll wonder why I asked.However Boston dropped

his ears, had the most guilty look on this cute face,and if could have said I have a tummy ache, he most definatley

would......So I called the vet, and took him in..

My wonderful vet Eric (cant say enough good about this place ) took Boston, and monitored, did the usual,  

X-rays etc. Something was there but nothing that was conclusive, However a further look revealed the squeek and

Surgery was set for the evening.


Around 8.30 pm, the vet called and announced that Boston, Had, in his words (Had a giraffe) and sent a picture

So we raced to the vet.

We don't remember seeing  this toy and can only conclude that it was brought in by another dog however nobody has

reported a missing Giraffe  but the scary thing.

No matter how much you watch ,monitor, are around you can not have eyes everywhere.

Still not sure how he got it down the throat, without choking, But less than 8 hours later that stupid dog

was up and about, wondering why he had a (zipper )attached to his belly, and feeling and looking

7 lb lighter....

The only thing that slowed him down, was the CONE OF SHAME, to see him walking into things due to the

expanse of the plastic hood, might make him think twice.though I doubt it.


The giraffe is adorning the kennel, in a shadow box, as a reminder and a warning to us all.. To beware, of those

certain dogs that occasionally require a change of (diet!!!!).With an extrememly high price tag.







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