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This page is dedicated to the fur babies that I have loved here at Woof and Tumble as if they were my own.It was a page I hesitated to do but, I hope that by adding a small something, you as there parents know just how much your babies mean to me. For it's not a job, it's friends coming over. It gets harder for me to write every time we lose a friend, I never thought  about this side of the business ever, you dont think about the what if's, but knowing that there time with us a precious gift  They inspire me to put my heart and soul into woof and Tumble daily, with just a wagging tail and happy woof . what more could anyone ask for.  And the day that the fun, laughter and the joy goes , then we will close our doors... 

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Lucy Loo.

Lucy loo was the first boarder we said good bye too. Her parents loved her coming here.

she played with every body and in some way leaves us with a part of her still with us.

In the form of her sister Trixie.Lucy Loo, was here during her treatment and on the good days.too

One of the things that was personnelly touching was at the last vist. Lucy was supposed to (remain quiet)

and not play to much. thats hard to do when you've had an active life.

We had another Boxer in at the time by the name of Jake, he was alot younger than Lucy and when the guys

played he kinda hovered around her kennel.

I was alittle apprehensive but my gut told be he would be fine, So I brought the hypo lot back and gave them a

biscuit. I let Lucy out and she walked out to the play area, I let Jake out, he walked  to where Lucy was, a pair of

Boxers they walked around the areas like old friends no jumping, or fooling about just walking side by side.

A little blossom tree is planted for Lucy at the top of the drive way. it reminds me of her calm temprement

and pretty disposition.Lucy passed over the Rainbow bridge November 2010.



Spencer .

Spencer was my Golden he lived a long and happy life, He must have been one of the best travelled dogs ever.

When we moved So to did Spencer, He started life in the Carolina's then Texas and eventually Washougal.

He spent as much time in the car, site seeing as we did.

His best friend was Boston, he's the black lab here, and when we added to the fold with Jake the yellow lab, You

could just see his eyes rolling with the look of ......!! really, do we need too. But Jake was the Baby, and Spencer the

best of doggy grandad's.


He blossomed here when we opened the boarding facility, and was always the first to meet and greet the

newbies he was gentle, well mannered as most goldens are.

Spencer passed super bowl sunday 2011, his timming was always spot on. We still miss the way he inspired our

younger boarders, he was like a grandad to them with the patience of a saint.

I think he got mentally younger as he got pyhsically older, he kept up with most here, but like the rest of us good

days go hand in hand with bad.

Spencer was 15  and a perfect gentleman. 


Brodie Great Dane.

Brodie came to us in March 2011, He was a rescue, his previous owners had left him in a boarding kennel,

but whatever the reason, there is always a good samaritian out there.

Brodie was scared of confinement, understandbly and needed to see his mom, at every oppotunity, bless him.

Nobody was ever gonna leave that boy again. He gave us all his trust here, and we started to give him trust too,

He was introduced slowly to the others but soon became part of the woof gang.

Brodie was to touch all our lives here for a brief time, he passed away Easter 2012.

He was to those that knew him a gentle giant .

In honour of that we have planted a giant weeping willow, that will when it matures will be as giant and as

gentle as the friend it was planted for.Sleep well Brodie.



Jack....Black lab.

Jack came to us early 2011 with his brother Tonka(aka, hell on wheels).

Jack was a gentle, older gentleman in his senior years, Tonka quiet the opposite.But Jack had groomed him to be quite   

the star, and was now in need of some peace to let his younger brother find new friends and himself a rest.

Jack was easily the most tolerent of the younger groups and just raised his eyebrow once in a while.

he had a spring in his step to show he could still do it.

Jack passed away Thanksgiving 2011. After a long period of thyroid and heart problems, but he left behind a piece of

 the younger spritely Jack in Tonka....





I find that putting pen to paper  to write theses pages is as difficult today as it will ever be, and yet as I read
everything throughout , I'm reminded that the best thing I ever did was to emerse myself in
spending my days with our four legged companions.
I have learnt more from both your dogs and mine about the dogs we love than I could ever have gotten from
books and teachings. 
Maggie was a dog that without knowing at the time, taught me about compassion, friendship and trust.
This dog was a loyal companion to her owners, a wonderful sister  and a great friend to anyone she knew.
This dog over came obstacles that many would not have endured, and came through, She ran as fast as any
other dog here, faster than most, with three legs to boot, She then lost a toe off another foot, and still smiled.
She passed away 2012, after her battle with  cancer got the better of her. 
She loved her time here, walking the beach, hiking and chasing Joey her sister around.
The day see passed, we actually saw a rainbow ,over the back of the property, we didn't know at the time
of the  passing, but we would like to think it was her way, of telling us she  was watching. RIP Maggie, our
little sweet pea.

Lady Vee.



Lady Vee 6yrs


 I've known for several months of the passsing of this dear friend, But like everything else in life timing

  is something that we need to respect.

  Our little Lady Vee was an original woof and tumble client way back in 2010. We all shared some wonderful

  times here with Vee,

  The lady part was something we called her here, as she was a Total lady (when she needed to be).

  An exceptional little girl, and one that will be greatly missed, but will always have a place here with us all.

 She loved to chase those blessed moles and loved to have her head in a hole, But if you ever mentioned it, she

 would cock her head to one side and say, Me, with a head in a hole getting dirty, I dont think so, and smile.

 sleep well little one you will always be a part of us here.x



 Another gentle giant has of ours has made the journey over the rainbow bridge.

Porter was one of those boys that was always happy He had a tail that could knock you several feet.

a head on him the size of a very large boulder, slobbber that you needed a bath towel to clean oof 

and the sweetest eyes, and a demenor that was so gentlemanly and perfect.

Porter passed away late January early February 2013,due to throat issues and complications.

I will deeply miss this dog amongst dogs RIP, little angel.





 Max came to us in 2011 with his brother Mr Happy, Max was in every sense of the word a pure German 

 doberman, and a beautiful specimen, not only did Max have good looks BUT he was the most mellow,

 friendliest doberman I have ever met.

 Max passed away this July with a stomach tumor, which developed very fast.

 It saddens me to think these friends of mine go so quickly 

 RIP our wonderful friend .






 Brutus first came to us in the November of 2011 and again in the July of 2012,

 Brutus had never boarded before anywhere, and his Dad had the misconception that boarding meant

cages, and he never wanted that for his best friend

He took some convincing but let Brutus stay,That little boxer had one of the best times,

He played chasing the squirrels making friends with the regulars, he was one of the gang.

A very social dog,playful with that glint of mischief, he loved his tennis balls liked to

watch the others had that all knowing look in his eyes.

we bonded, like I do with all my fur babies and it was always disappointing to see him go, But his Dad was his 

best bud, Brutus would run and smile and jump every time that car came up the driveway. 

Brutus unfortunately passed, His Dad called to give me the news, It's always hard to hear though's words

and hear the hurt and sadness in the voice.

Brutus is now on the other side of our rainbow with friends old and new, being the happy playful

sole he always was.

Rest in peace little one sweet dreams you will always have a special place in our hearts here at W & T. xx







Dexter Boxer 

  Dexter was an old guy, with a heart of gold and a calming influence And he looked at you with his deep soulful

  eyes He always looked like he was ready to ask a question 

 He plodded around the grounds with the seniors with an air of regal grace about him.

 he was a sweetie, quiet and a little shy  but he found his spot here  and even came out of his shell 

 on occasion and had some pep to his step.

 His mom hated to leave him ( just like the rest of you ) and it was hard to get him pictured with a  tail in motion

 it wagged on rare occasions  when the food was being served and always when mom was there.

 Dexter passed away Friday Memorial weekend. RIP our little friend, Your spirit will always have a home with us 






 It has been a long time, for me since we all said goodbye to this little girl.

 Delilah, very quickly became a firm friend .She was an old girl, feisty at times, but sweet.

Miss D, as we all called her was Totally blind, deaf and needed her insulin  injections daily, she liked nothing more

than holding onto the tail of my yellow lab, and being shown around, this was especially helpful when we

changed around the fencing and added airlocks .After a time she found her feet. and moved around on her own 

it was funny to see some dogs cross in front of her to stop her walking into trees as she would bump into

them and turn. she would entertain herself on her arrival and would stand in the middle of the floor and

hop from front to back legs barking and spinning 

Miss D passed last November, she took a turn for the worst on one of her stays with us here, we managed to

get her to the vet but the dogs knew there was something wrong and as we were leaving one dog started to 

howl and before we got out the door every dog was howling,like they were saying goodbye, it was heart

wrenching, which is probably why it's taken this time to write, it's still a difficult day to think about.

We all know Miss D is sat on the other side of the bridge, watching,waiting and in perfect health.

RIP little one we miss you 











 September 14th 2016 we said good bye to our beautiful Boston

Bossy as he was affectionately called had lived with us, as our family member since 2002 from the age of 8 weeks.

He travelled around the USA moving from state to the next until we finally settled in Washougal.

He was an integral part of my life and was always to be seen snoozing in the sun or chasing some ball around.

He loved being a main cog working here, and was a companion and guide to lots of the new guys, always

the protector and the (Man ) all the kids looked up to The kennel will never be the same without him. 

Boston loved to meet and greet everyone here both owners and furry friends.

He has left a huge hole in my heart but I know that he's running with his BFF whom he never forgot

Boston has many friends on the other side of the bridge.  I know he's found his place there and is playing as he always did

with a happy smile and a ball in his mouth,

The gang will miss you Mr B , but we all look forward to meeting you again.





 Cocoa was a wonderful standard poodle with a sight disability, but it didn't affect her personality.

 Cocoa came in for her screening and did extremely well. She had her own time frame, we called it cocoa time

 and she did things when she wanted to and when she was ready, And I think she did this right to the very end

 A little  unsure in the beginning, but very soon her routine was set she did like to make her way through the

 opposite gates to every one else to get to the field, and didn't like to be part of the In crowd too much

 But she did like to see what was going on elsewhere and we did watch her enjoy sunning herself on her

 little patch  near the top gate. But it's funny to see the personalities of these kids evolve when they stay.

 She had her friends she liked to be with and those she didn't want to be with she was in every way a

 typical perfect poodle.

 Cocoa passed away in her sleep whilst she was staying here with me. It was horrifing and also a relief to know

 that Id seen her playing and being with the others the day before and totally at peace with the world.

 The most difficult of conversations and one that I would not like to repeat ever was to her family.

 But they all had there own strengths and we got through together.

 RIP cocoa your rainbow bridge came and you walked over a happy, content  well loved princess.

 You will be missed and always loved.













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