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Screening process

Many of you ask about our screening process and what it involves, and why do I offer the time I do.

Well the reply is simple....Safety /comfort /happy secure dogs and a parent who's happy with the results.

The screening, is there to protect You, Me and above all your fur baby.

If we just put a new dog into a throng of others you have multiple reactions, and inevitably bad consequences.

conclusion we then become no better than an unruly dog park.

So we handle the situations by

1) meeting and greeting dogs, (done separately. From a screening.We can meet you and your dog, and discuss 

your concerns, worries, your dogs quirks, what you feel are his insecurities, if any,who's dogs he has to play with

at home,other doggy friends etc

Then I can meet your dog(s),the goal is to allow your dogs to feel as secure and trusting of me as you do.

 2) We arrange a mutual day to bring your furry ones in  if you feel that there is going to be major anxiety ,and hurdles,

We will even do you an after 5.00pm drop off, this way I can get a chance to do his feed time, and settle him for

evening, with the others around, this way your dog sees the routine, it's amazing how quickly they fall into the 

swing of the others around them 

All dogs love structure they also seem to senSe the trust the others place on me, so the anxiety levels drop.

Bedtime is not us locking them away for the evening, We do put all dogs in around 6.30-7.00pm, but by this time

 they would have been playing around 10 hours at this time, longer during the summer months We turn the light

down, but not off and this settles them

.Around 9.00pm we give them all the opportunity to come back out and potty individually, so 

not to get them excited. Then it's a last  cookie, lights out and night nights.

We check on them as soon as we hear unusual barking, although it's normal for a newbie to moan for attention but 

they do settle very quickly.

3) Screening day is a slow process, the dogs are allowed out to smell and do things at there own pace, some are faster than others.

We can see anxiety levels, behaviour voice (barking) and other signals we then place one dog at a time with

them, attention to temperament is a must, body language, tails/eyes, little head knocks, are all things to be looked for.

This is where, you need to be honest on the meet and greet, If your dog has had a run in with another dog we do need

know,some times the silly things can trigger an outburst.

Some dogs hate the formal (Butt sniff) whether it lasts alittle to long for there liking, or if they just want to not bother

 and do there own thing, this is all normal, but it's always better to have that safe enviroment and not rush.

You can usually pick up around 1.00pm and your screening will have been completed.

This as always is at no cost and proves to be an invaluable service both to you and the dog.



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