Woof and Tumble Daycare & Boarding


Koaa - Siberian Husky - Age 1


Dear Janet,

Thank you so much for taking such great care of Koaa and checking in on her. She was exhausted and a little sad for a day or two but she is her old self again. She really enjoyed herself.

I have some future dates, let me know if you are available and thank you again soooo much. Our little Koaa is a very important member of this family. We are at ease knowing she is in your care.

God bless.

 Pam Moran.


Joey and Maggie Cattle dogs





If you want to send your dogs on vacation this is the place to send them! We left our two dogs with Janet for 3 weeks  and they couldn't have had more fun! They were extremely well cared for and the grounds and kennels are kept in immaculate condition.
Janet did a wonderful job of taking pictures to let us see what our girls were doing while we were on vacation.
 The dogs don't spend the day in kennels rather they have a HUGE area to play in during the day. It's a beautiful country setting that any person would love to stay at.
 It's secure and safe for your dog with 6' fences and a locked gate to the premises.
 Any dog would have a wonderful "vacation" there. I highly recommend Woof & Tumble for your dogs next
 Mary Stewart










Bogart - Bassett Hound Age 2


 Dear Janet,

Having discovered Woof and Tumble it now gives us "peace of mind" when we travel without bogart.The care that Bogart received with you was exceptional.The fenced in play area never made us think twice about Bogart being able to get out.We had such a warm feeling in the big kennel area with the area rugs and the music or TV playing. It made your guests feel warm and comfortable after a full day of running and playing. Also Bogart was able to pick out his own sleeping area complete with bed. It was so clean and bigger than any other we have ever seen. Bogart was well taken care of and we know, that we will never have to worry about where he will have to stay when we travel. He has found his "Home from Home". Again thank you for taking care of him and giving him lots of love and attention.


Charlene & Mark Lampton.




Lucy Loo - Boxer - Age 6


I am the best loved doggie in the whole world. I am spoiled rotten, get doggie cookies whenever I want them. I can watch what I want on TV most of the time. I have two of my very own kitties, one white one named Ricky and a new black one named Spanky. He adopted us, he was hungry so my mommy fed him and he hasn't ever left. I love to go for rides in cars. I sit in the passenger seat most of the time and when I want my window down, I just hit the window with my front hand and daddy rolls it down for me. He's the best!

I am six years old, my birthday is Dec 26th. My father was grand champion back in his day and I came from Laurel View Boxers out in Hillsboro. I am so glad my mommy and daddy found me, I have the best life ever.

The latest highlight of my life is discovering Woof and Tumble. My auntie Janet took such good care of me when my parents were on vacation and I met so many new friends there. I can't wait to go back!!

Lucy Loo


Denali - American Bulldog / Alaskan Husky - Age 3


  I was referred to Woof and Tumble through Orchard Hills Animal Hospital after my recent move to Washougal.They told me they had heard "fantasic things" about the facility- and equally important- the   owners,Janet and Dave. So trusting my vets advice,I brought my 85lb dog Denali to woof and tumble for some "doggie play time"and then for an extended three week stay while i travelled for work.The result? I am so glad that I listened to my vet!

Jan and Dave don't just run Woof and Tumble for strictly "business" purposes- they run it like FAMILY,with true passion and caring for their dog clients. Finding Woof and Tumble for Denali has truly been a blessing. All the nerves and anxiety that generally come with leaving a dog at an unknown place is entirely gone. If anything Denali has more fun at woof and tumble than he does at home!



Ted shamp.


Lucy - Husky x gsd.age 9 months


 Dear Janet,

 I was just looking at the cd pic's  you did for us of Lucys week with you. It's obvious she had a great time and made some great new friends.Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Lucy.

All the Best

Stephanie Sherwood

Duke A Gordon Setter.3.yrs.



Duke is glad to be home and up to his usual antics.

Thank you for taking such care of our Hairy son.We will gladly be using your services again and will

recommend your facility any time the conversation pops up.

The pictures and update emails were great. You definatley provide a first class doggy daycare facility.

Thank you and best regards

The Tice family.

Jacob choc lab 9 mnths 

Janet and Dave.

Thanks for ....well....EVERYTHING.

I can't even imagine what I would do if I had never discovered Woof and Tumble!

I can't thank you enough for being so flexible with my "last minute" schedule changes.  You are truly a life saver.

Thanks for being his home away from home.

It is with great relief that Jacob is in such caring and

knowledgeable hands when im away.

Thanks for caring and being  there for him.

Irene Conception

Lizzy the beagle.5 yrs.



 I couldn't be more happy with Woof and Tumble. First Woof And Tumble picked up Lizzy from my job and "interviewed" Lizzy for three hours to make sure Lizzy (my dog) got along with the pack. Secondly the owner, Janet was really helpful getting Lizzy on a great food regiment. Woof And Tumble gave a personalized service. Every 3 days for over a month they called me with a full report every time I boarded her which usually was 1 to 4 weeks. The drive to Woof and Tumble was relaxing after a long flight on the airplane. Lizzy always was in great shape after visiting and came back healthy.and fit Thank you Woof And Tumble.


Mollie the Collie.


 After we've had our dogs stay with you, there's no going anywhere else. You and your establishment are top notch.

I  can't tell you how comforting it is to have place to take our babies and know they'll be safe and happy.

 Michelle Hall.





Brodie (Great Dane)



Dear Janet

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and support with our rescue Great Dane, Brodie.  We just recently picked him up after his first overnight stay at Woof and Tumble.
 As a “dog person” of many years, I knew that my husband and I had found a gem when we found you and Woof and Tumble. You approach your “business” with such skill, knowledge, patience and as an added benefit you have a wonderful sense of humor.  You understand people and dogs and the bond between them.  It is not just a business for you, it is your calling. 
As you know when we adopted him we knew he would have separation anxiety as he had been abandoned by his family at a boarding facility.  We also weren’t sure what his “quirks” might be which is why we wanted to introduce him very slowly to other dogs and being away from us.  You helped us with that process and for that we will always be grateful.  Brodie is a wonderful gentle giant, just as a Great Dane should be.
Thanks to you we have confidence in him and his ability to interact appropriately with lots of different dogs.   We are completely comfortable with your facility.  We look forward to bringing him back to you for future visits.  We know he will have a GREAT time playing with other dogs and that he will be well cared for.

Thank you very much!

 Martha Hutton.



Miss Maddie and Trigger.


 Thank you for taking such great care of maddie and Trigger!  Thank you for the great pictures. We laughed at all the pictures of trigger playing, especially with the great Dane!  They  had their own piece of 'hawaii' while we were gone.  They were in heaven and didn't want to come home. I'm waiting for them to escape and find their way back to your house!!  So glad we found you and will definitely be back. We will tell all our friends about the doggy heaven we found tucked away in washougal! 

Thank you again for your kindness and incredible care you took of our dogs!  There is no better place in the Portland/ Vancouver area.

Thank you,








Julie and Ryan

Brutus the boxer

 Thank you Janet, I do thank you for taking such good care of Brutie, I can see he liked it up there and I will have no problem taking him there in the future if I need to. I've never dealt with a kennel before and had this idea of cages and suffering and nothing could be further from the truth at your place.
I can see you care for the animals like they were your own.
Again thank you, it meant a lot to me. Les
P.S. Thanks for the pics also

Molly ..5 month elk hound.




 The caring owners of Woof and Tumble made leaving our baby Molly for the first time so easy! The only thing we were worried about all weekend was that she was not going to want to leave when it was time to come home! We were right...she had the best time ever! We HIGHLY recommend this boarding facility and will absolutely be bringing Molly girl back for more fun!!!!! Thank you so much, The Randall's







Seamus 15 month jack russell.

8)These are my two wonderful Jack Russells..Pearl the Wonder Dog (HiCotton JRT, Olive Branch, Ms..Margaret Byrd..breeder extraordinaire) who was a free dog because of her wonderful but not registerable silver/grey ears; Pearl will be 11 July 4th and came to us at about 6 weeks of age...she is a mellow 15" Jack and very loyal. That cutee little black and white guy is 12" Seamus O'Malley (Wamar Kennels, Castle Rock, WA..Mary James..aka Mama Mary)..he is the get of Wamar's Lilly and Zack...he is all boy all the time and loves to romp w/ big dogs, little dogs and is under the training guise of Katie High (High Expectations, Camas WA) and his breeder mama, Mary James. Seamus is out going and a clown - he excels in chasing birds, barking at our residential hummingbirds and has never met a stranger.

The last Friday in April, he will go to WoofandTumble to be evaluated...Janet and her family come highly recommended & live high up on the Washougal Ridge...I know he will pass as he is agile, funny and never starts a fight but can start a rumble which in the JRT world is known as "turboing",,,,his shy sister, Pearl, also excels at that sport which normally occurs in our living room when we would prefer peace and quiet...

Pearl will have her own special day at W&T and will probably dog Janet's every step until she realizes that all is well in her world.

Sight unseen, I know that we will be a part of the W&T world for daycare and boarding...we need a loving home enviornment where my pups will feel safe and secure while we travel or I just need a "day off"....I found W&T thru Orchard Hills Animal Hospital and they only recommend the very best...

Janet has without ever meeting us, but lots of phone chat agreed to be a sponsor at the upcoming Tri State JRT Club Funday Trial to be held June 2-3 at the Castle Rock Fairgrounds....we welcome all dogs of any breed to come and have some fun w/ our Jacks...Just imagine Seamus going thru the tunnels and Pearl sitting on a quiet spot taking it all in..8)

Gandalf..Rough Collie, Stud dog for Cascade Collie Farm.

Hi Janet,

Can't say enough how thankful we are for your loving care for Gandalf.

You have such a good alternative to the cold kennels, We will be recommending you to all we know.

Indiana is through her heat enough that Gandalf isn't climbing all over her, so she thanks you for the rest break.

I think Gandalf kind of misses being there, only one girl to chase here.  ;-)

Talk to you later!

Andy and Julie


Keave.  Viszla.







Dear Janet,

     Thank you for sending my mom and dad and brothers the disc with all the pictures of me from when  I stayed with you a few weeks ago.  It was so exciting to show them the pictures of all my new friends and to let them see how much fun I had when they went to Disneyland. (Just between you and me, I think I had more fun than they did!) 

 Thanks also for taking such good care of me.  My mom was kind of worried about leaving me, but I did just fine, didn’t I?  Hope you are doing just lovely, and maybe I’ll see you soon.  My dad has to go to Spokane the second week of August, and my mom really wants to go with him.  If she can work out all the details, she will call you and then we can play some more!

        Takecare, and thanks again!

                        Luv,  Keeva (and mom and dad, Heidi & Ken Gorsuch)

Pete and Nic



 I cannot express the comfort you have given us with the emails and pictures you have sent us on the wonderful 

 time that Nick and Pete are having with you.You are doing a great job and they will be happy to return to visit

 you in the future.


Barb and Chris





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